Version 9.2 changelog


  • Historical maps: new

    • Barrosa (1811).
    • Waterloo (1815), fully redone.
  • Historical maps: updates

    • Austerlitz (1805): bugs fixed.
    • Bailén (1808): deployement zones fixed.
    • Coruña (1809): landscape and weather changes.
    • Ligny (1815): bugs fixed.
  • Custom maps: restored

    • Netherlands 4


  • Overall balance

    • Cavalry corps' commanders can move faster.
    • Larger crew for horse artillery.
    • Reduced charge for dragoons.
    • Pace and maneuvrability of cavalry.
    • Balancing mass during charges.
    • Increased charge for top-tier light cavalry.
    • Countless smaller stats changes...
  • Nation traits

    • List of nation traits
    • Each army corps' traits are displayed in the 'Theatres of war' data.
    • ToW factions with the "swift maneuver" trait (almost exclusively French) contain only 3 army corps, instead of 4.


  • A Coruña
  • Albuera
  • Austerlitz
  • Barrosa
  • Caldiero
  • Eggmühl
  • Fuentes de Oñoro
  • Ligny (by Al'Eskander)
  • Lundy's Lane (by Al'Eskander)
  • Talavera


  • New army corps

    • Oriental wars (1804-1813): Russia (4 corps) against Ottoman Empire (3) and Persia (3).
    • Russia (Patriotic war, 1812): Wittgenstein, Tchitchagov, Steinhell.
  • Changes

    • Austria (all): increased reloading skills for grenadiers.
    • Cathcart AC (1805): flags fixed..
    • France and allies (1812): roster changes for Augereau, St Cyr, Eugène (majorly), Victor, Junot and Ewald, and new generals.
    • Hannover (1815): Landwehr fixed in Hundred Days corps.
    • Holy Roman Empire (custom): French royal emblem displayed on royalist regiments.
    • Italy: complete descriptions of almost all Italian units in all French-Italian corps.
    • Portugal: Portuguese troops fighting for France are re-statted and re-brigaded; Coalition: Loyal Lusitanian Legion now light infantry.
    • Russia (all): increased morale for line infantry, increased accuracy for light infantry, decreased shooting skills for grenadiers.
    • Russia (1812): many stats changes in all corps.
    • United Kingdom (all): global stats changes to infantry and cavalry stats, Brown Bess specs rebalanced.
    • United Kingdom/Spain/Portugal (1809 ToWF): flags fixed.
    • United Kingdom (1815): card and portrait updates, 2 new units (Foot Guards light company, horse howitzers), brigade adjustments.


  • European campaign (land)

    • Resolved issue that would cause the AI to be unable to deploy properly when defending. The dreaded blob is now fixed.
    • Adopted The Hedge Knight’s group formations. These formations are more flexible and should help reduce the running behavior by the AI.
    • Adjusted Prussia economy & army stats to reflect their unprepared status for war in 1805.
    • Added Bavaria & Wurrtemberg campaigns in place of the Ottoman campaign.
  • European campaign (naval)

    • Heavy ships of the line (1st and second rates) have had a major buff to their slow and high speed turn rates. This should make them far easier to control.
    • Fire chance has been removed from heavier caliber guns. Lighter guns still have a small chance. This should help reduce fires from constantly occurring in ship of the line fights due to the number of shot flying around. For Frigates and lighter ships, fire chance should still be the same.
    • Chain shot has had an increase to range, though is still less than round shot.
  • Peninsular campaign

    • Fixed AI blob, as in the main 1805 campaign.
    • Reduced to 6 gunners per gun for horse artillery.
    • Default deployment for infantry in line (not column).


  • Auto-updates from the launcher: NTW3 can be updated quicker and more often.

Version 9.1 changelog


  • Historical maps

    • New map: Almonacid (1809).
    • Austerlitz (1805): buildings revised.
    • Berezina (1812): crossable path added on the most southern ford.
    • Bladensburg (1814): crash fixed.
    • Dresden (1813): buildings fixed.
    • Lapua (1808): correct deployment zones.
    • Leipzig (1813): correct deployment zones, bugs fixed.
    • Ligny (1815): historical armies recommendations.
  • Custom maps

    • New map: Ireland 1.
    • France 5: many improvments.
    • Netherlands 3: preview and bugs fixed.
  • New grass textures for most maps with temperate weather.


  • Correct Ottoman flag (pre-1844 design).
  • Reloading skills value displayed in tooltip window.


  • Size of LoC buildings has been reduced to avoid the stronghold effect.
  • All buildings can be faster damaged and destroyed by artillery.


  • Increased fatigue for infantry.
  • More expensive squaring ability.
  • Horse artillery deploys quicker.
  • HRE (custom): adjusted to 1796, units added, removed and renamed, some generals changed, many new unit cards.
  • Austria (1809, Chasteler): all militia and skirmishers fixed.
  • Piedmont 1796 (custom): Neapolitan cavalry added from the HRE.
  • Saxony: minor uniform corrections, small stat updates, added some generals to Zezschwitz, Hohenlohe, Bernadotte.
  • United Kingdom (all): overall rebalance for infantry (Brown Bess, melee defence, highlanders, lower morale in Walcheren, etc.)
  • United Kingdom (1812, Brock): Dakota horsebowmen fixed.
  • United Kingdom (custom): now set in the Coruña campaign (1808-1809).
  • United States: army corps rosters slightly revised.


  • Sept-Îles: correct spelling for Greek units (thanks to Al'Eskander).

Version 9.0 changelog


  • New Theatres of War (ToW)

    • 2nd Coalition (1799-1800)
    • 5th Coalition (1809)
    • Peninsular War (1811)
    • Neapolitan War (1815)
  • New custom faction

    • Austria 1813
  • New Feature: Theatre of War Factions (ToWF)

    • Combining the ideas of Theatre of War/Army Corps (ToW/AC) with those of Customs, the Theatre of War Factions (ToWF) are an attempt to allow the wider roster of units found in AC to be brought to a larger selection of games.
    • Each ToWF has multiple AC pooled within them, depending the time and front. For example, the [1812] 7. France (Russie-Sud) has Augereau, Reynier, Victor, and Schwarzenberg from the Russie (1812) ToW for it's pool of choices, wheras [1812] 11. France (Russie-Center) has Davout, Eugene, Murat, Ney, Poniatowski, Junot, and the Garde as options.
    • When launching, you will be assigned the rosters of four (4) AC at random from within the option pool of the ToWF, as well as two random combat general options per corps (total of 8).
    • ToWF are meant to be played alongside customs, and balanced as such.
  • Updated Theatres of War

    • New AC for Egypt (1798): 3pt. Chabot (France).
    • New AC for War of 1812: 6pt. Smith (USA) and 3pt. Kindelan (Spain/UK).
    • War of 1812 ToW: reworked all AC on both sides.
    • Finska (1808): Replaced Peymann Corps with Hessen-Kassel (Denmark), added Lifeguard Cossacks to Buxhoeveden AC.
    • 4th Coalition, Prussia: new generals and units, added descriptions to all units, changed unit stats and caps.
    • 100 Days, Prussia: new generals and units, renamed units, changed unit stats and caps.
    • 1812 Patriotic War: added His and Her Majesty's Life-Cuirassiers to Konstantin AC.
    • 1812 France: small changes to Reynier AC.


  • Roster UI

    • Imperial changed to Alliance 2, Coalition to Alliance 1.
    • Increased visual contrast for units whose max cap has been reached.
    • Better use of available space, and better adjusting to screen sizes.
    • For custom and ToW factions: light infantry and skirmishers on the same line, combat generals next to the unit they belong to.
    • For army corps: far more accurate division and brigade display, where infantry / cavalry / artillery can be mixed within one brigade or one division.
    • Fixed a bug about combat generals becoming non selectable after his core unit has been picked, even if cap isn't reached.
    • Special tag (red and white) on guerilla units' cards
  • Army Corps

    • Each line is a division, each group of units within a division is a brigade.
    • If you select all X units of a division, those units get a (X-1)% price debuff.
    • If a division is not full, but all Y units of a brigade are selected, those units get a (Y-1)% price debuff.
    • Units of the same category (e.g. line infantry) within a brigade are likely to have the same pace.
    • All units in divisions and brigades are more expensive; cavalry and guard corps have a smaller cost increase.
  • Theatre of War Factions

    • A ToW Faction's roster is made up of a maximum of 4 AC.
    • For those ToW with more than 4 AC in the pool, 4 are randomly rolled to form the ToWF roster.


  • Global

    • Infantry in Imperial factions get a discount in speed class, by one step (e.g. Imperial [L4] speed costs the same as Coalition [L3] speed) to balance the Alliance swap.
    • "Guard mode" restricted only to elite infantry and grenadies.
    • Custom infantry muskets' maximum range homogenised, except for the Tufenk.
    • All enemy units' data are hidden during battle.
  • Artillery

    • Global changes in ranges, damage, reduced accuracy in round shot, firing from high ground more effective than on flat terrain.
    • Crews are more vulnerable to musket or rifle fire.
    • Additional projectile options for Russian unicorns (round shot) and post-1808 British 6lbs (Shrapnel shells).
    • Barrage ability removed.
  • Generals

    • Price of stars rebalanced.
    • Combat generals no longer have a passive 'inspire" trait, unless their parent unit has it already.
  • Cavalry

    • Speed rebalanced for all classes, stamina lowered, price increased globally but less so for cavalry-centric and guard factions.
    • Charging is more impactful for heavy cavalry.
  • Infantry

    • [G] class units have more powerful melee charge.
  • Scouting

    • Spotting distance has been reduced for most units.
    • Light cavalry has the longest spotting ability, followed by skirmishers, lancers and light infantry.
    • All other types have a very short spotting range.

Models & uniforms

  • UK cavalry models revamped for 1808 - 1812 timeframe.
  • French infantry: new infantry models for 5th Coalition ToW.
  • All artillery retextured.


  • Historical maps

    • New: Berezina, Caldiero, Dresden, Heliopolis, Eggmühl, Fuentes de Oñoro, Krasnoye, Kulm (29th), Kulm (30th), Lapua, Leipzig (North), Leipizig (South), Maloyaroslavets, Messkirch, Mont Thabor, Stockach, Tolentino, Trebbia, Valutino, Wavre.
    • Redone: Lundy's Lane, Marengo.
    • Reworked: Aspern, Austerlitz, A Coruña, Dennewitz, Hohenlinden, Jena, Talavera, Wagram, Waterloo, Znaim.
    • Many HB maps have revised deployment areas and recommended army corps selection.
    • Better implementation of weather and environment conditions.
  • Custom maps

    • New: Bohemia 4, France 11-12, Persia 1-2, Russia 9-10, Saxony 4, Switzerland 1, Wallachia 1.
    • Reworked: Germany 2, Italy 2, Portugal 2, Russia 3.

Faction or nation specific changes

  • Austria: Grenzer skirmishers now armed with rifles.
  • Brunswick: Added descriptions.
  • Denmark: Corrected names, nicknames, flag, uniforms and cards, added descriptions, changed unit stats and many generals.
  • France: Many portraits updated, corrected nickname for the 57e ligne, 25e Dragons, Dragons de l'Imperatrice.
  • Mamelukes:Updated Mourad Bey's portrait, improved translations from Arabic
  • Persia: Chechen pace changed [L4] -> [G4]
  • Russia: Corrected portrait for Tormassov, Lifeguard Cuirassiers renamed to Lifeguard Regiment of Horse.
  • Sept-Îles: Added general Christoforos Peraivos.
  • United Kingdom: Many updated portraits.
  • United States: American voices, added Harrison's nickname.
  • Württemberg: Corrected names and nicknames, readjusted stats, added generals.

Peninsular campaign

  • All battle mechanics updated to v9.0 except hiding enemy unit information.
  • Unit stats, weapons and abilities updated to v9.0 except unit prices [the campaign internal economy needs different pricing].
  • Forts added in Badajoz and Gibraltar.
  • Reduced the rate at which units gain chevrons as well as the effect of chevrons on stats.
  • Reduced the impact of a general's stars in auto-resolving battles.
  • Certain cavalry units are able to skirmish [firing carbinesfrom horseback] - ability restricted to small units meant for scouting, patrolling etc.
  • Certain French dragoons are able to dismount and engage in musketry.
  • Most French dragoons now give a policing bonus on the campaign map.
  • Fixed missing in-battle names on certain units and Spanish general Freire, and the MP bug which caused 2 x Joseph Bonaparte general staff units.
  • British uniforms updated to v9.0.


  • Badis (Arabic translations)
  • Bullero (maps, portraits)
  • Filipe (Portuguese translations)
  • Funballz (Russia)
  • Gorde (Prussia and Bavaria)
  • Imonoz (Sweden)
  • Jackson (permission to adapt his l'Aigle assets to NTW3: France 5th Coalition infantry and new UK cavalry)
  • Parchin (Polish translations)
  • The Nate Devourer (Saxony and Prussia)
  • Uzo (Denmark)
  • Valentin (maps)