NTW3 battle rules

Faction points

  • Often the host of the game will determine how many points the teams will be. Each faction has a rating between 3 and 14. The higher the number the stronger the faction, although all factions have a mix of stronger and weaker units
  • It's a rare occurrence but civil wars are forbidden (ie. Russia against Russia). If both sides want the same nation, the host's team has lower priority.

LOC battles

  • The game is time-limited
  • Each team must capture houses (marked with stars on the map) and whoever holds the most “points” by the end wins.
  • Each side starts with a “Headquarters” near their deployment zone, normally 4pts.
  • At the end of a battle (usually 60 minutes) the alliance with most LOC points (buildings) under control wins. Obviously, if the battle ends before, this doesn't apply.
  • If a building is being contested, it belongs to the alliance who was the last to control it alone.
  • Destroying a building is allowed, but it belongs to the alliance who hasn't destroyed it to 100%.
  • A building without a unit inside doesn't belong to any alliance, whatever its position.


  • LOC buildings without points explicitly written on the map are always worth 1 point.
  • Many historical maps have recommendations about what armies should be selected, to play a more accurate battle. These recommendations are optional, the host can decide to follow them or not. If not, and if a faction points buff is written in the description, it is mandatory to use it for balance.
  • A few historical maps (ie. Eylau or Krasnoye) have specific rules stated: these are critical for balance, therefore mandatory.

Theatre of war factions (ToWF)

  • Combining the ideas of Theatre of War/Army Corps (ToW/AC) with those of Customs, the Theatre of War Factions (ToWF) are an attempt to allow the wider roster of units found in AC to be brought to a larger selection of games.
  • Each ToWF has multiple AC pooled within them, depending the time and front. For example, the [1812] 7. France (Russie-Sud) has Augereau, Reynier, Victor, and Schwarzenberg from the Russie (1812) ToW for it's pool of choices, wheras [1812] 11. France (Russie-Center) has Davout, Eugene, Murat, Ney, Poniatowski, Junot, and the Garde as options.
  • When launching, you will be assigned the rosters of four (4) AC at random from within the option pool of the ToWF, as well as two random combat general options per corps (total of 8).
  • ToWF are meant to be played alongside customs, and balanced as such, but they must not be played with army corps.

Army corps (AC)

  • Mandatory: if one player plays an AC, each one of his allies must also play AC from the same group. No obligation for the other alliance.
  • The same army corps cannot be played twice or more in the same battle, except on maps with special recommendations.
  • Faction points work the same way as with standard armies.
  • Army corps have a special policy about generals and commanders: there is only one general staff and several, if not many, division or brigade commanders.
  • Army corps alliance can fight against ToWF/custom alliances..