Nation traits

Name Usual Description
Confederation German states Division & Brigade completion: effect +50 %
Defenders of the Sheikh Oriental General staff: stronger, larger and faster
Forced service Italian Cost -50 % if morale ≤ 3
Formation drill British Square ability: cost -75 %
Gun battery Prussian Foot artillery: cap +1, 1 gun free (eg. 4-guns battery costs like 3-guns)
Hard marching Iberian Free stamina
Inspired populace American Speed: 2 free levels for militia and skirmishers (eg. speed cost of L4 same as L2)
Mounted arsenal Russian Horse artillery: cap +1, 1 gun free (eg. 3-guns battery costs like 2-guns)
Resilience Austrian Free shock resistance
Resolute defense Scandinavian Defense: +3 for infantry (for no extra cost)
Swift maneuver French One free speed class